8 months | twins

Guess who’s nearly 8 months old??

We are!

I really can’t believe they will be 8 months old on Saturday… these babies are such joys!

I am knee deep in moving boxes (8 days, eep!), so this will be short this time…

Of the two, Joelle is defiantly more mobile. She isn’t actually crawling yet, but she is scooting and can get to whatever she wants. She mostly scoots backwards, but she spins in place to get what she wants, haha! She still loves food and is sleeping fairly well. The babies are going through a wonder week and both teething, so naps and night sleep haven’t been quite as good. Still not teeth for baby girl, but I expect one to breakthrough any day now! She’s still in all 6 months clothes, little girl!

Jonah still isn’t mobile, but he is sitting up much better now! He is eating a bit more and is more content to play alone (except for this wonderweek!) He is still a snuggler and prefers to be held rather than anything else. He is now in 12 month shirts and pajamas, although his pants are still 9 months.

Such little blessings!

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