10 on 10 | september

i realized, at 7:05am, that today was the 10th. so here it is, late, but here!

7:30am watching elmo while mama feeds the twins.

7:45am baby led weaning. toast sticks. joelle ate an entire piece of bread. jonah ate a bit.

8:30am making playdoh pizza

8:30am independent time for the babies. everything in doubles.

10:00am the hubs is salsa makin’. tomatoes, garlic, onions, peppers, and cilantro all from our garden. only add-in is organic limes and spices!

1:00pm I will miss the north dakota sky

4:00pm our crop share for this week… yummy

4:30pm let’s play find the baby, or find the puppies. oh, and that room was clean at 7am.

5:00pm what big brothers can do to baby siblings. poor baby girl.

7:50pm bed time stories for the big brother. love these two.

linking up with kelliehatcher

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