insta-friday | video monitor

this post should be titled ‘i obviously love my video monitor too much’…

everyone around here dislikes daddy’s alert schedule. it’s a happy day when he comes home!

that would be two UNSWADDLED babies. neither slept. um no. started over with one arm out the next night.

23 POUNDS of tomatoes into spaghetti sauce. 4 qts and 2 pints. not bad for my first canning experience!

this girl loves food. but baby led weaning is so gross… blech, look at that chewed up banana.

saddest part of moving: taking down pictures. bare walls are so very real.

i am in some serious trouble with this girl. she’s gorgeous.

squash, squash, squash!

he adores her.

always holding hands. precious twins.

he is on top of 15 stuffed animals and has a puppet on each hand. silly boy.

made fried green beans, eggplant, and okra. naughty, naughty, but so good!

oh hello baby girl who has slept 12 hours straight without stirring the last two nights…

and here’s why. belly sleeper.

big brother decided to share his hats. where’d joelle go?? and isn’t captain jonah adorable?

snuggles with my sensitive boy. he’s a pacifier addict.

she adores her daddy, and she gets what she wants!

life rearranged

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