seven months | twins

my babies are seven months old! such big babies! 🙂

this is going to be a short update, because packing and moving prep is high order around here, and I have limited computer time!

Sleeping: We started leaving one arm out of the swaddle at night for both of them. It hasn’t affect Jonah very much, he’s still eating at least once a night and waking for a paci a few other times. Joelle on the other hand wasn’t doing so well with an arm out, until she rolled onto her belly and slept 12 HOURS STRAIGHT last night. without.stirring.once. scared the crap out of us when we woke up and she was in the same position. yay big girl! They take two naps a day, generally the first is about an hour and a half, the second is two and a half.

Eating: We have officially started on solids. Jonah’s still not very interested and Joelle doesn’t like being spoon-fed very much, but Joelle LOVES putting food into  her own mouth. Any food, as long as she can shove it in herself! We aren’t doing any rice cereal this time around, nothing beneficial in it, so they have had bananas, strawberries, butternut squash, avocado, and a couple of other fruits mixed with quinoa. Joelle gets angry if she is at the table and there is nothing edible in front of her. They still eat 4 bottles a day, around 5-7 ozs each time.

Sitting: They are getting better and better at sitting up, but I still can’t walk away from them. No signs of pulling up or standing yet, but Joelle has been trying to get on all fours (pre-crawling). This last week, Jonah seemed to ‘click’ with rolling and he’s a rolling machine now, from back to belly! His head control improves daily! Joelle could lay on her belly all day as long as she can reach toys.

Sizing: Jonah is officially in all 9 month clothes, but Joelle is still comfortably in 6 months, she’s a shortie. I had to size up their fuzzibunz diapers a month and a half ago, but not again yet.

Teeth: No signs of teeth yet, but lots of drooling.

and just for fun, here’s my post on Jarvis at 7 months old, amazingly enough, the babies aren’t far off from him developmentally! He seemed so much older to me, but I think it’s all just relative now… it is hard to read that post and know that we still didn’t know about Job and we were just anticipating moving into this house….


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