mister big boy | Jarvis

guess what we have been up to the past 4 days…

(no, not playing on the iphone, although watching him with his special thumbs is pretty impressive.)

 some big boy is now potty trained.

and i can’t believe it.

for about a week or two i had been noticing various clues that were hinting he might be ready. and despite the terrible timing (packing the house and moving), i decided to let him do it, but on his own schedule. no pushing or forcing. he went naked for a couple of days and very quickly cued in on his

here’s the lowdown, facebook status style:

saturday: “potty training day 1: accidents =8, potty=9. i consider that a success!”

sunday: :so far on potty training day #2: potty= 8, accidents= 2 (both #2, opps). he is doing amazing and i am accepting that he was ready, even if it’s horrible timing with the packing/moving!”

monday: potty training day 3- “he hasn’t had a pee accident since saturday night (day 1), so I am hoping he is 100% daytime pee trained! yay! that was surprisingly easy…and he did poop in the potty the first time today, just gotta work on that!”

monday: “hour and a half trip to the park, no accidents!! :)”

tuesday: “almost completely daytime trained, just one accident in the carseat on the way back from the grocery store, understandable!”

he now runs to the potty on his own when he needs to go, without any reminders! he’s done his independent playtime in his room like normal, and with his little potty in there, he goes to the bathroom and goes right back to playing. it has shocked me just how easy it has been. plain and simple, he was ready. it wasn’t anything i did or didn’t do, he just got it and was ready. we still need to work on nighttime/naptime dryness, but that will come in time. for now, i am just enjoying a few less diapers to wash!!

oh, and this adorable little tush doesn’t hurt either.

hehehe, and here’s what he did when he heard my shutter. ‘don’t take pictures of my tush, mommy!’

he’s such a big boy.

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