insta-friday | snuggle, snuggle, snuggle

lots of cooking and snuggles this week.

hello snuggle boy. hugs for mama and sister.

hello driving around in the car with nowhere to go. they are all strapped in a quiet. it’s wonderful.

hello *nearly* crawling baby girl and poor puppy tail.

hello new chalkboard book, you have entertained for many, many hours already!

hello new house, can’t wait to see you in person!

hello squash/cucumbers, there are so very many of you…

hello sweet boy.

hello big boy helping daddy fix his car.

hello bowling ball, i have no idea how you can get those chubby little toes in your mouth.

hello post-nap snuggles with brother and sister.

hello homemade marshmallows. delicious rolled in carob powder.

hello battle of the babies. my favorite game. hold a toy out and see who gets it first, repeat, often. it’s hilarious.

life rearranged

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