an afternoon

it’s no secret, i want lots of kids. lots and lots.

my favorite thing about having kids?

learning their personalities, their quirks.

what makes them smile, giggle, frown. who they are.

i swear this boy is NOT a grump most of the time. just in front of the camera. or if he’s not being held. but hello grandpa matt, i think you have a mini-me.

this one is DRAMA. she doesn’t like strangers (or friends) most of the time, and if she doesn’t want you right then, watch out, its tantrum time. and if she’s hungry, she needs to have a bottle in her mouth FIVE MINUTES AGO. hehe.

the big one didn’t want pictures today. instead he wanted to taunt the puppy with his picnic lunch. he does adore that puppy. however the feeling is only mutual when the boy has food.


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