Insta-Friday | playdates & injuries

hello hair clips.

hello giant brown eyes that get free ‘coffee’ (chocolate milk) on the way to the fire-station tour.

hello first ponytail. you may be small, but you count!

hello drama. i actually find you a bit hilarious.

hello boy. hello head injury. sigh.

hello little brother, welcome to your first bite, courtesy of big brother. i imagine it will not be your last.

hello best daddy in the world.

hello sophie the giraffe. we are obsessed with you.

hello daddy letting mommy sleep in.

hello impromptu park picnic.

hello six month well-baby appointment. hello lots and lots of crying. (and yes, Jonah has a pink pacifier. don’t judge, he’s also wearing a pink diaper. i simply don’t have the energy to care.)

hello hubby’s amazing garden. i am up to my ears in squash and zucchini. yum.

hello acorn squash quesdillas with squash, garlic, onion, and peppers all from our garden on homemade tortillas. the big one chomped down 2. i may or may not have eaten 3. so good.

hello proof that the twins DO leave the house. at least occasionally.

life rearranged

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