6 months | Twins

I have no idea where the time has gone.

But we did it, we survived!! The twins are 6 months old tomorrow!

It has not been the easiest 6 months, especially with my PPD diagnoses and all of our breastfeeding issues (again). Not to mention just the general adjusting to adding two babies and more than doubling our number of children. Add in the news we are moving and it has been a little crazy.

But I wouldn’t change a thing. I have been able to enjoy these sweet babies so much. I adore their personalities and learning more about them every day.

Happy 6 months Jonah & Joelle!

Ah, precious girl. My Joelle is a homebody, just like mama. She is happiest at home with our little family. She loves sitting up in anything (exersaucer, highchair, laps, etc) and is working on sitting up on her own, although she still needs side to side support. She is such a little rolly-polly. (I’ll update with their measurements after their appointment Wednesday!) She is still so very short, but so round! She’s got lots of yummy chub and rolls all over.

She sleeps 12-13 hours a night and is no longer waking to eat at all! She naps fairly well, but seems to enjoy the longer night sleep better. She eats 5-7 ozs every 4ish hours during the day. And she LOVES to eat, although she is a little slow poke.  She now sleeps with her left arm out of the swaddle and we will be letting the other arm out sometime in the next week. She is a VERY good roller and loves to roll back and forth.

She is an expert at getting pacis and toys in her mouth and can nearly put her toes in her mouth. She has some ‘stranger danger’ and needs to be held when we are out. She gets nervous/overwhelmed in new places and wants to see a familiar face. We’ve started her on some solid foods, bananas, peaches, applesauce. She is interested but not much actually gets swallowed right now, it’s more just experimenting! She does ‘chew’ though and is very interested in watching us eat.

She adores her big brother and loves watching him. He can calm her down all the time and loves kissing and ‘nuggling’ her. Her eyes are now a grey/blue, and I have no idea what color they will be! Her hair is a lighter brown like daddy’s and crazy all over the place! She just about has enough for a ponytail! No teeth showing yet, but she does chew/drool like crazy!

My Jonah-bear, oh this boy! He is a study in contrasts. It’s all or nothing with him! He has the biggest smiles and giggles, but he is also mr. cranky pants a lot of the time! He wants to be in the middle of everything, preferably being held. Although he does enjoy sitting in the exersaucer and watching big brother play. He is much happier out and about, where there is lots to see and people to watch. But it needs to be from a safe distance as he still startles a lot.

Jonah can now roll front to back, and is so close to rolling back to front. He does scoot around when he’s on his belly though! He can’t sit up on his own yet, but he can stand and balance when he’s holding onto something! Jonah is much longer and sturdier than his sister, and he’s getting more and more rolls! Jonah generally sleeps 11-12 hours at night, and still eats 3-6 ozs around 12-3am. He is still swaddled and sleeps fairly well for both naps. He eats 8ozs every 4ish hours during the day. He spits up much more than his sister, but less than his big brother did!

Jonah has had a few tastes of solid food, but he’s not really interested at all, he still spits it all out. Hands down, his favorite toy is his big brother! He is perfectly content if he can watch Jarvis play. His eyes seem to be a grey/brown, and his hair is nearly identical to big brother’s! It’s all growing in right in the middle, so he looks like he has his own little mohawk!

You can find Jonah with his fingers in his mouth nearly all the time, and I imagine he will have some teeth pop through soon. Verbally, he can make all sorts of sounds, and talks all day long. He has a great little ‘bbbbb’ sound and can blow raspberries already. He also makes a rolling sound, like he’s rolling his rrr’s. It’s adorable!

We are so very blessed to have these two sweethearts in our lives and we can’t wait to see what the next 6 months holds!

and just for fun, here’s what I looked like 6 months ago at 38.5 weeks:

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