Insta-Friday | revised

trying a little something different this week… read the descriptions top to bottom, left to right 🙂

1. baby girl is a rolling fiend. 2. that would be preemie-5T boy and girl clothes, so many of them, organized finally. 3. joelle, my little sitter. 4. 61 degrees at the end of july, really minot? you are so strange. 5. this smiley-faced girl is now sleeping with one arm out of the swaddle. 6. big brother’s are so entertaining. poor jonah. 7. this is my sweet smiley boy, getting stronger every day! 8. he is happiest being held. 8. she likes beauty sleep. and is a grump until she gets it.

9. a little peek into my backyard. bubbles, daddy, puppy, and lots of babies. 10. he is just not as interested in rolling. he’d rather stand. 11. my big boy cheesing it up at another dr appt for his thumbs!

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