Insta-Friday | week 28

not too many pictures this week, since I did a post yesterday on the 4th!


1. All of this did NOT come with us to Texas, but did come home with us! We only had to take back one more bag though! (and ship one small box, lol)
2. Bedtime stories with Uncle Bo-Bo


3. BAH! there’s been lots of hype over TOMS, and let me tell you, it is ALL true. I am a flip flop girl after growing up in Texas, but these things are cool, comfy, and oh so cute! I love them. Thank you Grandma Alice!
4. I was served coffee and doughnuts this morning by a very sweet brown-eyed chef. I think we both were wishing they weren’t styrofoam.


5. Restocking my entire fridge= dislike, coffee run on the way= like, grocery shopping by myself= LOVE.
6. He did this in ONE HOUR. I’m not kidding. It was like Christmas and all of his toys were new again. sigh. at least it let me get things done!

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