4th of July | Insta-style

We had the strangest 4th of July yesterday…

It all started at this time. and yes, that’s AM. 

then, a little airplane ‘fun’…
the babies love watching Jarvis. ‘Whatcha doin’ brother?’
let me tell you, this girl adores her father.

our own personal 3-ring circus in the airport. oh, the looks we get.

then someone decided to grab her feet for the first time!

both babies slept the entire hour and a half of the second flight. and I love my Ergo!

Big brother did not sleep. Meet grumpy mcgrumpy pants.

1:15pm. home, sweet home. finally. the babies then proceeded to take a 2 hour nap, and grumpy pants crashed for 3 hours!

and because we couldn’t forget it was the 4th, and we have awesome friends, mama and Jarvis met up some friends at the air show around 6:00pm. read: mama is crazy and has been up since 345am.

however crazy I was, we still had fun, looking at Mr. Jake’s truck and watching the airplanes. Finally, at 9:00pm, I admitted defeated and we all went to sleep without any fireworks.

here’s to the strangest 4th of July?

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