home | military style

what defines for home for you?
in the military, it gets kind of strange.
i do feel ‘home’ when we are in ND.
that is where our little family is, and we’ve put down as many roots as we can.

 but the time has come. 
we are moving. again. in the fall.
we don’t know where or when exactly.
but we will be pulling up our shallow roots and starting over again.

and that’s why,
no matter where we live,
our true ‘home’ will be where our family is.

and that’s why we spend all of our leave,
(and an insane amount of money)
to come back ‘home.’ 

i grew up with all my grandparents within 30 minutes.
we lived in two houses my entire childhood,
and they were only 5 minutes from each other.
my kids won’t have that.

i still go to church with people who have known my family since before we were born.
i am so thankful for my texas family.
we were so blessed to celebrate the twins’ baptism on father’s day.
i am loving being home. for now.

4 thoughts on “home | military style

  1. ah, this made me cry. Its all so true! so much sacrifice goes into this lifestyle…. but we also get things out of it that others won't ever understand.

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