Insta-Friday | Chlorine and Sunshine

We are in Tejas and couldn’t be enjoying our time any more!!

1. Uncle Patrick (my younger brother) reading a naptime story.
2. Poppy (Jace’s dad) holding Jonah after the baptism.


4. Grandma Charlotte (Jace’s grandmother) holding Joelle after the baptism.
5. Grandpa Bob (my grandfather) holding Jonah.


6. We’ve spent several hours nearly every day in the pool in my parents backyard. He’s nearly swimming!!
7. Auntie Elena (Jace’s brother’s fiance) is Jarvis’ favorite girlfriend. He goes on super show-off mode when she’s around!


8. Just a little early morning hand holding. He calls them MY Jonah and MY Joelle. love it.
9. Grandma Wanza (my grandmother) holding Joelle. Wanza’s maiden name is Walker, which is Joelle’s middle name!


10. Grandpa Bob and Grandma Wanza (my grandparents) reading to Joelle and Jarvis. Jonah was being snuggled by Ju-Ju (my mom).
11. If you put them down nexxt to one another, they hold hands. Everytime. It makes my heart melt!


12. Jarvis learned to ‘crawl’ around the edge of the pool holding onto the side. Too bad hours of doing that rubbed the skin right off his fingers and toes! He didn’t even tell us until later!
13. Now this is an expert Grandpa. (my dad.) Gotta be able to have the Shiner Bock!


14. Father’s day for Jace. Illustrated guide to guns, and a tickle monster book. Both were a huge hit.
15. Grandpa Matt (my dad) and his mini-me.


16. this is what home is to me. It’s so calm at my parents house.
17. Uncle Patrick (my brother) tossing Jarvis. Uncles are the BEST!

18. Consigment store shopping in Austin is the best! Next sizes up for Jarvis and Joelle, and a couple of things for poor Jonah with all the hand me downs!
19. Two little fishies. They both could spend hours playing in the pool! (my dad).

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