Insta-Friday | Texas here we come!


 1. Jungle kitten loves being outside
2. me at a squadron function, keeping it classy


 4. Jarvis’ first attempt using scissors!
5. What 60mph winds do to a trampoline…. luckily it’s fixed already.


 5. The big brother show is the best, especially with front row seats.
6. peeling his own orange. big boy.


7. Playing footsie and carrying on a conversation.
8. couch to 5k is kicking my bum! i love it!
9. Severe weather/winds at 6am means some whole family snuggles in our bed. i love my life.
10. packing… three kids is so much stuff!


 11. 5 people for 20 days and this is everything (besides 3 carseats) I ROCK.
12. Flight #1, easy, quick.


 13. Win one for mama and the car caddy.
14. Daddy has magic baby sleep arms.


 15. 11:45am, after sitting on the plane for 2 hours waiting for take off (thanks to Minnesota weather), all three fell asleep on take off!! Awesome!
16. the craziness…

TEJAS!! We made it!!

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