Insta-Friday | 16 weeks


1. Tarzan boy! (check out a video of this on youtube!)
2. Juliette (the cat) caught a bird! Luckily, it’s alright and flew off… had no idea that fat, lazy cat could catch a bird!


 3. These babies are 16 weeks old. How??
4. Jarvis wanted to hold his babies!


 5. British tea party with my friends = awesome!
6. Quinoa, oats, peanut butter, and honey cookies, so good!


 7. Smiliey faced babies!
8. needed a creative brain break, so I made an apron!


9. Me and all my babies!
10. Iced coffee in a mason jar. yum.


11. Babies’ first mall trip… Joelle napping in Auntie Stacy’s arms…
12. Chilling in the stroller while everyone else eats!

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