Insta-Friday | partially

I was missing my phone for most of the week… but here’s what I’ve got for this week!


1. Snuggling with the puppy while watching a show while mama feeds the babies…
2. Our ‘grow’ area… (on top of the spare fridge/freezer in the laundry room) all the plants have been transplanted into bigger containers…

3. The jalapenos in their new containers…
4. The paci tree is growing well!!


5. Making homemade ice cream in my birthday present!! SO DELICIOUS!!
6. Our daily ‘routine’ typed out. We never make this exactly, but it helps me to have a goal! (see the SINGLE line that is blank on both sides??? that is my down hour. yeah.)


 7. My Jonah bear chewing on his hands…
8. You can really tell the size difference between the babies here! They may be twins but they are so different!! 

2 thoughts on “Insta-Friday | partially

  1. Hi! I was wondering how you are starting your seeds this year. I got the jiff thing at home depot to start mine. They sprout, but everything just has 2 leaves and looks kind of blah… It is my first year and I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong… Yours looks awesome! If you have any tips please share!

  2. I love your insta-monday's. You also put me to shame on how much you get done! I am curious however, how you make that extra-long divider in your blog entry titles. Would you tell me please? It looks so much cooler than a colon.

    PS. I miss you tons.

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