Insta-Friday | Little Things


1. Toddler handle for my diaper bag/stroller/cart. Because I now have more kids than hands. Jarvis holds onto this and it keeps him paying attention and near me. Perfect. and no, it’s not a leash, he holds it and can let go…
2. Spinach and tomato quiche with a whole wheat crust. Made with wheat that I ground myself… um yeah. who am I??

3. Citrus peels in vinegar: homemade all-purpose cleaner. No more yucky vinegar smell and even better cleaning power!
4. Homemade french vanilla creamer… it was ok… gonna try a different recipe next time….

5. Took my kitchenaid from boring white to teal with fun lettering! Seriously took about 2 hours total. awesome. 
6. Homemade whole wheat tortillas, AMAZING.

7. Twin tummy time… sweet babies!
8. Introducing…. our new wheat grinder!! Ogranic, freshly ground wheat all the time, for nearly 1/4 the price!

9. OH MY CHUB. This girl is so chubby, I love it.
10. Jonah getting some puppy snuggles!

11. Morning after our emergency room visit, sick boy got to eat lunch on the couch so mama could lay down…

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