Insta-Friday | My Birthday


1. First walk in the triple stroller… Jarvis and Joelle loved it… Jonah ended up in mama’s arms…
2. Our new compost keeper for the kitchen! I was sick of the open, stinky, molding bowl on the counter….

3. meet Mae and MerMae… which I made for two of my favorite girls using fabrics from their crib set!
4. making playdough is messy business…

5. packing away the preemie/newborn clothes… the babies are officially in 0-3 month clothes!
6. Jarvis’ Easter ‘basket’ this year… sigh… at least he got something….

7. complete pantry overhaul is nearly done! blog post to come…
8. we call this ‘praying to Jesus’… Jonah does it ALL the time!

9. friends randomly dropping by to give me a pedicure and clean my house… i love my friends…
10. the babies love their big brother…

11. friend dropped off a happy birthday frap… yummy!
12. another friend dropped off a birthday cake! Jarvis was a big fan!

13. mama got me a covered dish baker for my birthday, i lurve it!
14. birthday trip to joann’s… pure heaven!

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