Insta-Friday| Chubby babies


1. The photo wall in the playroom is finally finished! (Until we have another session, haha!)
2. Potato bags for the garden under construction… more information to come! 


 3. Who knew cut up sponges in bath time would be so much fun. Thank you again pinterest!
4. Hubby planned an *early* date night for my birthday in 2 weeks while we had babysitters here! Too bad the nasty ‘stache had to join us! one.more.week. and that thing is history.

 5. Champagne and smoked salmon… happy birthday to me! And after 2.5 years here we finally tried the only nice restaurant, 10 North Main!
6. Even when he’s being a big old stinker, I love this boy.

 7. Chubby elbow dimples. I want to nibble them.
8. That smile, the boy makes my heart melt. 

 9. Empty car + grocery run = BLISS. Ah, motherhood.
10. He’s such an awesome Daddy.

 11. Grandma Pam is in town!!
12. Grandpa Greg and Jonah, our old men!

13. Giant canvases make me happy.
14. He’s such a good big brother. 


 15. I can’t stand the cuteness. She so little yet so round. It’s awesome.
16. Double the cuteness. I love my little 2-pack!

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