Insta-Friday | Spring

Spring has hit Minot!! At least for a little while, until we get another blizzard 🙂 Two and a half weeks ago we had a big blizzard with a foot of snow and temps around -10*… tonight, it was a sunny 69* and just gorgeous, we will take it!


 1. Awesome friends who randomly drop off coffee drinks are WONDERFUL.
2. Joelle’s new baby doll from Bit of Whimsy!

 3. Thank goodness for the portable DVD player when Daddy is on alert…
4. Bought the baby girl, but used her patterns to make a boy doll too a couple of months ago. Needed to be sleeping, but I need to do something creative more… so J.W. finally got a face…

5. The start of a little project….
6. My mom sent 20 freezer meals in the mail… she ROCKS.

 7. Another awesome friend dropped off a DELICIOUS smore’s pie… a-mazing friends up here in the ‘frozen tundra’!
8. He’s seriously cute… little old man.

 9. My daughter… how crazy is that??
10. Playing on their playmat… Jonah enjoys it, Joelle does NOT… she’d rather just be held…

 11. Our entry closet/game closet needed a makeover, badly…
12. We hit the 70s this weekend and spent a large amount of time outside! It was gorgeous!!

 13. Bought a used trampoline off a friend last fall and finally put it up now that the snow is gone… Jarvis LOVES it almost as much as his daddy does…
14. Her hair does that on it’s own… I love it.

 15. I will be grateful for this day. I love my family.
16. Toy swap days are the best… it’s like brand new toys he hasn’t seen for weeks!

 17. Wool dryer balls have cut my drying time in half, which is a HUGE deal when you do 3-6 loads a DAY.
18. Hubby has planted the onion seeds and jerry-rigged an awesome seed/watering system… more info on that soon!

 19. A little water table play while Daddy preps the gardens…
20. The time of year has come… I have officially lost my husband to the garden… at least I get lots of yummy veggies and fruits out of it!

21. The ‘after’ of the closet… done completely with stuff we had laying around the house… not totally as cute or organized as I wanted, but free and useable will do….

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