ELEVEN | p52 | 2012

Remember when…

i was 15, and you were 16. 
it was region choir competition and you asked me to sit with you on the bus ride. 

after the competition, we stood in the sweltering march texas heat in our choir uniforms to take a group picture with varsity choir. surrounded by almost one-hundred of our friends up on bleachers. 

you reached out and wrapped your first finger around my pinky. 

and while our friends laughed and joked and made silly faces all around us…

in that moment.

i knew. 

i started to fall in love with you. 

less than two months later we had our first date.

five years later, four of them long distance, we finally got married.

and now, ten years later, my heart still skips a beat when you hold my hand.

i wouldn’t want to be living this crazy, out-of-control, wonderful life with anyone else.

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