Insta-Friday | A lot, a lot…


1.  Sweet Joelle
2. Precious girl’s cloth bum!
3. Jarvis: ‘I sit chair hold Jo-no’ (Jonah)… so sweet…
4. Sweet girl’s smile of contentment..
5. Jonah agrees, Daddy is the best place to sleep…
6. Manly little cloth bum!
7. Finally got some newborn cloth in the mail, see ya later sposies!
8. My good little sleeper…


9. Baby girl is getting some chunk!
10. Jarvis watches a show, mommy sleeps, it’s a win-win…
11. Load of laundry #4 of 6… EVERYDAY.
12. Blue steel boy…
13. They both fit on the changing pad… makes things easier, for now anyway!
14. Luc agrees that 3 kids are exhausting. Poor puppy has dropped even lower on the totem pole, however, he still beats out the completely useless, snotty kitty cat. Silly Juliette.
15. Baby boy’s happy milk smile in the middle of the night.
16. Sweet fuzzy heads…
17. Nothing sweeter than a big man snuggling a little baby- Poppy loving on Jonah!
18. ‘Treat milk’ at Poppy and Oma’s farewell dinner (chocolate milk)
19. Joelle’s little feeties.
20. Early morning bike rides… inside, because there are 3 foot snow drifts outside…

I am so, so blessed.

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