Insta-Friday | My Valentines




1. My big boy Valentine opening his present- and yes, this was the best shot I could get, he was just too excited!
2. My little valentines, snuggled up together.
3. My favorite candy ever, a gift from my awesome hubs…
4. My ‘we made it one week’ indulgence (which sadly made the babies gassy… boo)
5. Sweet, sleepy boy. I love video monitors!!
6. Brother snuggles- look hard, there’s a Jonah under there!
7. Cars 2, air-popped popcorn and Daddy… too bad we could only sit still for 1/4 of it!

And just for fun….

Delivery day               1 week post-partum               2 weeks post-partum

Amazing what the human body can do!!

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