Chaotic | p52 | 2012

Wow… it’s Friday again? Really??

I’m not going to lie… things are a bit crazy around here right now. Feeling a bit like we are holding onto sanity with the tips of our fingers….

Three kids- two newborns… boy they are exhausting. Big brother has loads of energy and sweet little babies have their days and nights mixed up…

But we are hanging in there and enjoying lots of sweet snuggles…

So for this week- you get a picture of my two newest Valentines. Maybe I’ll actually remember next week BEFORE Friday 😉

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4 thoughts on “Chaotic | p52 | 2012

  1. Adorable babies — congrats! I clicked on your blog from styleberryblog. My Project 52 has the theme of “joy”, so I couldn't help but click on your blog out of the many listed!

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