Insta-Friday | The final countdown…

(Or Insta-Sunday- since tomorrow we head to the hospital to deliver some babies!)

 Bored sewing… casserole carriers for my mom and for Stacy’s birthday! They are insulated and fit 8×8 to 9×13 pans… love them!

Ran out of girl scout cookies… sooooo… baking time!

400 am and I are good friends… hot tea, a snack, and back to bed for some more sleep…

Glow sticks in the bathtub: cheap, easy, and so much fun!

 These are the best mornings… Jarvis loves to go and get books and read in our bed. Too perfect.

More bored sewing… a sneak peak of something for the twins….

 I sewed alot this week! Another set of 32 cloth wipes for the twins, this time flannel backed with minky!

My stylebabyLOGs: color-coordinated to keep them separate!

Final pre-baby lunch date with my favorite man- thanks Gammie!

And just for fun- some random pregnancy facts….
  • I have not been able to wear my wedding rings for the past 2 months. boo.
  • My belly button popped about a month ago- something that never happened with Jarvis at 42 weeks.
  • I have not had a single issue that twins are considered higher risk for (gestational diabetes, preterm labor, growth restriction, hyper tension, etc..)
  • I have gained a total of 35 lbs despite all efforts to pack on more. (I gained 27 with Jarvis)
  • My two biggest pregnancy cravings were peanut butter and cheese crackers and canned green beans with fried onions. I know- so horrible, but I ate these daily/weekly throughout the entire 9 months… so strange…

  • I didn’t swell with Jarvis hardly at all, but these babies are taking their toll the last couple of weeks: 

Tomorrow morning- one last belly post with the updated composite, and then a post with baby weights and names late in the evening- can’t wait!!

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