37 weeks | The Fishies

Yes. I’m still pregnant. 

Um seriously- We hit 37 weeks tomorrow. HOW???? These babies are gigantic, but apparently content to stay in. With my track record with Jarvis (42 weeks and 30 hours of pitocin) I’ve decided I’m meant to carry multiples, my babies never want to come out!

Right now, I’m guestimating (yes, that’s a word) that she will be at least 6 lbs and he will be at least 7 lbs. We’ll see when they get here, but that’s my guess! (add that up- 13 lbs of baby, not including TWO placentas and an insane amount of fluid- no wonder I can barely walk or stand anymore. yeouch)

And here’s the 37 week shot. Yes, I’m in pajamas, and I no longer care- I’m 9.5 months pregnant with twins, I figure it doesn’t matter anymore- haha!

When I am sitting down, my belly is basically flat on the top and I can use it as a table. Cliche? Yes… however very true! Some of you had remarked last week that it looked like they dropped some. Nope. Baby A is shoulder first and not engaged. And Baby B is breech.

And at last- we have a DATE!!

Typically, scheduled c-sections are done about a week early (39 weeks), however with twins, my doctor is comfortable doing it at 38 weeks. This would be February 3rd/4th, so we have scheduled the c-section for….

February 6th!

The reasons for having a  scheduled c-section are complicated, and although it’s not my frist choice, basically it comes down to the fact that their positioning and sizes indicate I have a high chance of having baby A naturally and then having to have a c-section to get the bigger, breech baby B out. Which is not ideal. So instead, we will be having a c-section at 1:00 pm on February 6th. Once again, assuming I do not go into active labor before then. (Which I do not think I will!)

So the babies and Jarvis should share a birth-date. Makes it easy to remember if all the birthdays are on the 6th of the month! ha!

Had a dream my water broke last night, and then chaos ensued because my hospital bag was not packed. So guess what I am doing tonight?? Time to actually pack it up- getting close!

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