Insta-Monday | A birthday

In the last week, I’ve been to the ER twice to stop contractions… once again, no progress, just a horrid shot that makes me feel hot, shaky, and makes my heart race. But it works! It kicks the contractions back down to minimal so I can go home… We made it in and out in under 3 hours last night- woo hoo! But I had to leave after taking an Ambien, because they hoped a good nights sleep (which I haven’t in months) would make a difference. Boy did that alarm hurt at 630am… still super groggy! So there aren’t many pictures this week, despite his birthday/birthday party…



1. Reading the wheels on the bus with our ‘bus’ hat on (aka, Daddy’s old parade hat from his USAFA days)
2. Watching a ‘big dada show’ – Toy Story 3 on a lazy afternoon at home!
3. Apparently I like the Trinity Hospital OB floor and getting stuck with lots of needles… hopefully no more visits until the real thing!
4. Birthday boy’s special dinner- homemade mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, berries, and kiwi. He INHALED it… and then his slice of homemade yellow butter cake with chocolate frosting.
5. Jarvis’ new Bahamas hat from Grandma Alice and Grandpa Bob’s cruise on Uncle Chris’ ship. It says his name on the back. awesome.

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