Christmas Recap

Oh my. This boy, he’s so very spoiled!! We had a wonderful family Christmas day, and we were able to webcam or talk to most of our family from all over the country- sometimes technology is such a blessing!

Our one big gift to Jarvis was a train table and all the trappings, which he loved! We got the train tracks and all the accessories SUPER on sale about a year and a half ago, and they have been sitting in the closet waiting. I managed to find the train table on base at a garage sale for a STEAL! Love getting a good deal. He also got lots of trucks, vehicles, and oh so much more from family. Thank you to everyone! He enjoyed opening all the presents and getting to show them to everyone on the webcam. Here are just a few pictures to share our day!

A little pre-Christmas bowling- their favorite!

Jarvis’ ornament for this year.

Back of Jarvis’ ornament.

Merry Christmas!! In our annual mama-made Christmas Eve pajamas!

Daddy bringing the boy in for his first glimpse of the train table…

ummmm, for me??

yay!! it’s all blurry because he was SO excited!!

Dog pile!

I hope every one of you had a blessed Christmas with those you love around you!

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