32 weeks | The Fishies

Well, tomorrow we hit 32 weeks with the twins. So far everything is going just fine with the babies. 

We had another ultrasound this past week, it had been 3 weeks since our last one. Both the babies put on a good amount of weight and looked very good. The ultrasounds are getting more and more difficult as the babies have pretty much maxed out their space and are crammed in together. 

Baby Girl A weighed in at 2lbs and 12ozs, and Baby Boy B weighed in at 3lbs 5 ozs. 

Baby Boy is still measuring in right about on time, and Baby Girl is about a week and a half behind. However, she is growing just fine on her growth curve so no concerns!

Baby Girl is still low and transverse (across) and Baby Boy is oh-so-high and transverse as well. She is curled into a little ball with her arms and legs crammed in the center of my belly, and his head is under one rib cage, with his hips in front of the other rib cage, and his legs and arms in the center. They both get hiccups frequently and make each other angry when they do. I would say right now, that Baby Girl is much calmer and low key, where as Baby Boy seems to be a bundle of energy like his brother. 

Basically, I am in pain all the time. And not from little baby kicks and jabs (although those do hurt). Physically, I am just about maxed out, everything is squished and rearranged and I’m not comfortable sitting, laying, or standing. 

Based on their size difference, my doctor is not willing to let me deliver naturally (due to the fact that Baby Boy, who would be second, is larger than Baby Girl), so we will have a scheduled c-section around 37 weeks.

However most twins come by 35 weeks… sometime in the next 3 weeks…. looks like it’s time to pack the hospital bag!!

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