Project 52 | Accepting Limitations | Week 35

Motherhood is

accepting limitations.

And right now, that means I can’t vacuum the whole house at one time.

Or eat more than half a meal at a sitting, or climb on chairs to hang pictures.

Or sleep longer than 3 hours at night.

But it’s worth it to feel those 4 sweet little feet kicking me daily. 

(which is good, since mine are rapidly disappearing!)

(First off, this is late, sorry! With traveling and seeing lots of family, I needed some recovery time!)

Hmmm, so they say with twins to expect everything at least 4 weeks earlier than with singletons. And then at 30 weeks, to expect symptoms you never had before.

In past, I have had very easy pregnancies as far as symptoms go. Even when Jarvis went nearly 2 weeks overdue, I still had very little pain or discomfort, just that everything took a bit longer. 

This pregnancy has been different. These two little fishies have been sending me on a symptom roller coaster. Elevated hormones and less space have already led to symptoms that I am not used to feeling until the 3rd trimester. But with those early symptoms also came early movement! I feel them both move hourly right now, and it’s wonderful. It eases my mind and makes my heart melt.

So I am facing the acceptance of my limitations right now. I can’t stand or sit for any length of time without moving. I get up oh-so-often at night. I can’t digest. The Braxton Hicks and siatic nerve pain are well under way. And yet. I. DON’T. CARE.

Truly. I love being pregnant. Every uncomfortable, awkward, strange, wonderful moment.

Because for now, they are all mine. They are thriving in me and growing. I get to feel their first movements and discoveries. For now, it’s just me and them.

And if that means my house is dirtier and we sit around and read books instead of playing out in the heat, that’s just fine with me!

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2 thoughts on “Project 52 | Accepting Limitations | Week 35

  1. Hi. I LOVE the fabric you have for baby girl a's room. Can you please tell me where you got it? Thanks! Heather

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