Head to Toe

Ahhhhh, I can not even tell you what a DEEP sigh of relief it was to see the fishies today. We had a checkup and got to get a quick ultrasound to check on them. My heart literally leapt to see them both wiggling and kicking and moving.

They are laid out head to toe, with Fishy A lower and towards my back, and Fishy B higher and more forwards. That will change of course, but Fishy A will always be the one closer to the exit! They are in seperate gestational sacs and have separate placentas, which is the most ideal type of twinning and eliminates some of the risk factors with twins.

The best part was that they both kept kicking one another in the heads. Too adorable!

They are positioned so that we can’t get them both in one picture, but here are the two sacs, and a little hand!

Fishy A

Fishy B

As far as I am doing, this pregnancy has definitely been the most difficult of all 4. My hormone levels are much higher and thus my symptoms are much more severe. However this week I have started to have a bit more energy and have been able to keep down more food. 

I have already popped, around 10 weeks I had to switch over to maternity pants. And I look much further along than I actually am!

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