Project 52 | Communication | Week 30

Motherhood is


One of the best decisions we made with Jarvis was to teach sign language. 
Now he’s talking even more, but those basic signs are still used daily!
My favorite is ‘help,’ 
so much nicer to see that and not hear a screaming child!

(SOOC- straight out of camera, no editing)

Here he is signing help. And I think ‘please’ is my second favorite!

He still fusses and scream and shrieks when he wants attention. But he *usually* attempts to communicate with signs before he gets too upset. That was my goal. Because and inability to communicate frustrates toddlers and mamas alike. We were able to teach him that he could ask for what he wanted before he could even talk. I’m not sure how much more sign language we will teach him. I love it, but I don’t know very much. But I am grateful we did the signs we taught him, they helped bridge the time between knowing what he wants and being able to use language to ask for it. 

What signs did you teach? We taught: more, help, please, milk, and all done. We’ve also been working on signing the alphabet, and he can now sign o, and m.

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