the hubby’s green thumb

So I’m going to brag on the hubby a little. 

Last year, he decided that he wanted to try and grow a garden. Now keep in mind that neither of us has ever really had an experience with gardening. Needless to say, as a result so-so planning, hard North Dakota clay, a short growing season, and moving in the middle of the summer, our crop was less than ideal. So hubby took it upon himself to be educated this year. He researched, designed, and built raised beds. He started an indoor compost during the winter to create natural fertilizer, and he used a good mixture of clay, peat moss, soil and compost in the raised beds. (I credit him COMPLETELY with the success of the garden, I’m just glad I’ve only killed 2/15 flower bushes in the front, ha)

We had to wait until late May to plant because our frost date is so late. Then a very dry windstorm hit the day after we planted. As a result, it’s taken the plants a bit to get going, but now they are growing like crazy!

Tomato plants (for some reason, one is not growing, but you can see how big the other is! We have 6 total)

Cherry Tomatoes




Asparagus in their portable beds

Asparagus (it’s hard to get a picture of them, they blow all over in the wind!)


One of the boxes of strawberries

The first of our tomatoes!

The first little pepper

 Romain lettuce


Romain, carrots, onion, and peppers

Spinach, eggplant, and carrots

Onions, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots

Cherry tomatoes, romaine, beans, carrots


So there’s my very long, picture-heavy brag post on the hubby! Can’t wait to continue to eat from our own garden!

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