Project 52 | Partnership | Week 23

Motherhood is


You know how you can just tell some men are meant to be daddies?The ones who are out in the bounce house with all the kids, while the rest of the adults are inside talking?
I married one of them.
Sometimes, the big kid thing gets a little frustrating,
 but when it comes down to it,
he’s the best parenting partner I could have ever asked for.

We met when I was 12, and it was an immediate crush for me. He was 13, and just thought of me as an awkward girl who he was friends with. Apparently, sometime around 15/16 in driver’s ed class, he changed his mind. And at 16/17, the end of our sophomore and junior years, after a full year of one of us always dating someone, we finally started dating. I couldn’t have imagined then what our life would look like. He was sweet and cute, and such a stud. And then a year later, he left for the Air Force Academy, and our lives began to take form. 5 years long distance and we finally married. And through that time, the more I saw him interact with his cousins and other children, I began to realize I not only had an wonderful boyfriend/fiance/husband, but also a man with the potential to be a wonderful father.

So, thank you, to my 16 year-old self, for picking out not only an amazing husband, but a loving, committed, supportive father. I am so blessed to have him.

Happy *early* Father’s day, to the love of my life and 

the father of my children.

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