Project 52 | Reflective | Week 22

Motherhood is


I can see his daddy in him, he’s a little carbon copy.
But after spending every day of his life with me, I can see myself peeking through too.

Every time he tells the puppy to ‘s-ush,’
every time he sorts things into baskets by type,
every time he curls up to read a book.

I had to get him a reading chair, a place he can cuddle up and look at books. After a well-timed sale and an online coupon, and Jarvis got an oversized kid’s chair that he can climb into himself. Almost immediately he started grabbing a book off the shelf, climbing up and settling in read.

There are so many things I want to teach him, so many values and morals I want to instill. And there are so many things that I want to hide from him too! Every time he mimics something I do, I get a little scared. Every single day I am shaping him into the man he will become. Into the worker, boss, employee, husband, and father that he will be. 

And that can be completely overwhelming. But I’m not doing it alone. I have amazing friends and family, a committed, loving, and supportive husband, and most of all, a God who loves and forgives me always.

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