Project 52 | Research | Week 12

Motherhood is


and growing and learning.

and as soon as you think you’ve finally got them figured out,

they go and grow up on you…

Yes, I’ve read every one of those completely. (Not to mention the 10 I have sitting on my nightstand waiting to be read!)

I made a decision while we were pregnant with Jarvis that I was going to try to parent proactively. I wasn’t going to wait until a situation arose to reactively parent. I was going to research and be prepared and think through potential issues and goals. I am NOT a perfect parent, and I never will be, but I do like to think that I am doing at least a few things right. 

I had a stranger comment on my 14 month-old’s good behavior, and how he listens to my directions. And as I started to attribute it partially to his calm nature, she made a point to say that she noticed I paid careful attention to him and was good about calmly redirecting him. To say I felt blessed by that compliment is an understatement. We as mother’s see our children’s behavior as a direct result of our choices. And while we should always remember that children are children and will misbehave, even with the best of parenting choices, it is nice to hear that some of your hard work is paying off.

I truly believe that our choices as parents will determine the adults that our children become, and I try to make every little decision with that in mind. 

So as fellow mothers, take the time to compliment your friend on her children, because she’s probably been working hard at creating wonderful little adults, and she could always use encouragement. Even the most unruly, headstrong children (that can be hard to parent proactively) have moments of success, so be sure to point those out. She will appreciate it more than you can imagine!

What are your favorite parenting books?

Books pictured above:
Baby Bargains
Life on Planet Mom
Steady Days
Have a New Kid by Friday
The Five Love Languages of Children
The Well Versed Family
Bringing Up Boys
Baby’s First Skills
The Wonder Weeks
Super Baby Food
Babywise II
Baby Sign Language Basics

4 thoughts on “Project 52 | Research | Week 12

  1. Positive Discipline and Setting Limits are two that I read in my education classes and love as a parent! If you have girls, I love Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters.

  2. I hate you and love you for this post. I'm baby book obsessed at the moment and you just added $100 at least to my Amazon cart!!! 🙂 Thank you for the suggestions!!! I can't wait to read a lof these!!!

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