this much [14 mos]

My little big boy is a big eater. As in, he probably eats more than I do on any given day. And he eats the good stuff too- me, well, still working on that!

He’s only awake for 9 hours total (after naps and nighttime sleep), and nearly half of that, a good 4 hours a day, is spent with him in the high chair stuffing his face. An hour for breakfast, 30 min for snack, and hour for lunch, 30 min for another snack, and an hour for dinner. He spends the entire time CONTINUOUSLY eating. non. stop. eating. I love it.

So I thought it was appropriate that this month’s this much project should be of him in the high chair. So during his afternoon snack today (whole wheat, salt-free rice cakes with all natural peanut butter), I snapped a few of us.

He thought the whole process was a blast, adorable boy…

Just can’t believe how big he’s getting….

Planning a ‘milestones’ update later this week! Check back!

linking up with styleberry blog in her *this much* project.

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