Project 52 | Exhausting | Week 3

Here we go again, another week. 

My dear friend Shawna, over at styleberry blog, is doing Project 52, but in her own way. She is focusing on all the little bits of motherhood that are often brushed under the rug. The things that we don’t want to forget, but that fade in the joy of our children.

After feeling little inspiration this week for the theme with the project 52 I was using, I’ve decided to jump ship. I’ve decided to join Shawna and capture all the little things that make motherhood. No matter how beautiful or un-beautiful they may be. I feel more inspired with this theme. And although I won’t be following her weekly themes, as they are whatever is speaking to her heart at the moment, I will be following the heart of her project, and posting whatever is speaking to me. 

52: 3

Mother hood is…


physically. mentally. emotionally. 

and some days are just

no makeup, dark circles, ponytail type of days.

and that’s just perfect. 

Now, not every day is like that. I believe being a stay-at-home mom is a job, and should be intentionality treated as such. But some times, even the best of babies don’t sleep. And so neither does mama. And those days, simply being with Jarvis in my lounging clothes, no makeup, ponytail and the deep dark circles of exhaustion is more than enough.

I’d rather not be sleeping because I have him, than be sleeping because I don’t.

8 thoughts on “Project 52 | Exhausting | Week 3

  1. I do love what you wrote and how you wrote it! You put all of our feelings into words that are so hard to describe at times! I love the picture too!

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