Project 52 | Cold | Week 2

In last year since the AF moved us to North Dakota, I have developed a new respect for cold.

For the frostbite in 2 minutes, frozen nose hairs, can’t breathe, feel it through 3 layers of clothes, icicles on your eyelashes type of cold.

For the your car won’t start, mailbox is frozen shut, even salt refreezes, 2 hours of shoveling snow type of cold.

But it’s beautiful. No denying that. The North Dakota winds create gorgeous 6 foot snow drifts with little waves.

So for this week, I went fairly obvious and braved the -13 degree weather (with a -25 degree windchill) and up to my waist drifts to get some snowy pictures!

52:2 | Cold

Snow clinging to a tree in our backyard

 Love the way the sun shines off of this one..

Trying to get some individual snowflakes… 

My favorite thing about the snow: the way the light makes it sparkle! 

And for amusement’s sake…covered in snow!

It may not look it, but that is thigh high snow on the side of our house. 

And as part of this project, I will be linking back to  all the blogs participating:

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Go check out their blogs and posts for this week!

Hugs, C

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