Project 52 | Newness | Week 1

One of my goals for this year is to work on my personal photography. Images are so important to me. I love looking back at pictures of when I was growing up, and I want to capture those things for Jarvis and future children. I’m already forgetting details and things, and I feel that photography can capture the everyday moments that slip through our fingers.

So I have decided to participate in a Project 52, at least one picture, every week, for a year. Some weeks, there may be more than one picture, but at least one. As of now,I am following weekly themes suggested by another blogger to improve on various aspect of photography. This may or may not change.

This will be a journey. To record life this year, and to learn how to master my camera! I have a feeling I will need a software upgrade before long!

So to start this week off….

52:1 | Newness

Fresh from his bath… I love that newly clean baby smell. Or toddler smell. (Although I’m still denying that!)

Obviously this means there will be at least a weekly post from me, often it will not have many words, just a picture. I am planning on posting on Fridays or Saturdays, at the end of that week.

So check back next week!


8 thoughts on “Project 52 | Newness | Week 1

  1. Well hello there! I can certainly tell who he got his eyelashes from, they are so long!

    Sounds like a neat project Chels, I always enjoy your pictures and I can't wait to see how the year unfolds.

  2. Look at his big dark eyes, what a future heartbreaker.
    I also have made myself the goal of Project 52. I am soo excited to see what I find each week and how I progress throughout a year. I would love to follow you through your journey aswell!

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