this much [11 mos]

After a wonderful post from Shawna at styleberryblog and some other reading recently, I did my first shoot in Manual today! It’s a shame I’ve had this camera for a year and am just now getting around to learning to use it… but oh well!
So here it is, the best one 🙂 The focus is off, but it’s an improvement… took me forever to get the settings right, but I’m pretty happy with it!
this much [11 mos]
He’s turning into such a little boy 🙂
The most annoying part was trying to figure out to to get it to focus correctly with a self-timer… need to work on that! Any tips?
I also need to update the background on my blog so I can post pictures bigger without it cutting them off!!
Love, C

4 thoughts on “this much [11 mos]

  1. Shawna, after playing more after I did this post I remembered the manual focus switch… haha… still have a ways to go!!

    But the bottle idea is good! And I just checked out BBF and figured out how to do it on my Nikon! Awesome!!!

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