comment away….

I love comments. I get all excited when I see someone has commented on a post.
I’m always surprised to hear that someone reads my blog, or checks it daily. I didn’t really think I had anything that interesting to say. Then again, it’s mostly about Jarvis, and he is pretty fascinating…. sooo…. πŸ™‚
Since I have discovered how much I love comments, I’ve been commenting more on other people’s blogs, because everyone should know they are interesting!
So here’s my shameless beg to make my day and comment πŸ˜€
It’s just below here…. go ahead, you know you want to….

10 thoughts on “comment away….

  1. Yay!!! Believe me…. I check my blogger every day and see if any of the blogs I follow have been updated!! So I read your blogs within hours of your posting. And let's face it… Jarvis is so dang cute, who wouldn't want to see pictures and read about him! We sometimes feel so far away from you guys and I love being able to feel like we know what's going on with yall!! Looking forward to seeing you guys and Jarvis sometime hopefully during the holidays! (I can't believe it's already October and we have to start thinking about holiday plans!!) Anyways, rest assured that I will always be here to read about Jarvis and one day when we have kids, I'm sure you'll be there to read and comment on our blogs about our babies… For now, you'll just have to hear about Ranger… Love yall!

  2. I shamelessly admit i check both of your blogs several times a day!!! don't always comment, so i'll be sure to start. miss you so much and can't wait to see you again. love mom

  3. WordPress has a thing on their dashboard that shows me how many hits I get a day and on what posts…. and I always think “I wish they would have commented!” LOL b/c I always wonder what “they” think. ;o)

    I'm a pretty regular commenter. ;o)

  4. Right?! About 1% of the people who read my blog comment. If that, most days. It's kind of nutty. Like–HELLO! Tell me you were here! You obviously care!! So hi. Hello. I read your blog. I wish I could give you a hug. And I have a card sitting on my desk that has been there…you know how long. Meaning to get it in the mail. Tomorrow. Promise. πŸ˜‰

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