We were able to get copies of Jarvis’ x-rays and they are very interesting, so we wanted to share some with you.

The picture below is Jarvis’ left hand, and you can see, there are three bones in his thumb. Both of his thumbs look like this. You may note, that in baby hands, there is significantly more cartilage and less bone. That’s J’s finger down in the bottom and you can clearly see his joints, Jarvis’ have not solidified yet. You can see that his wrist is nearly all cartilage.

And oh my goodness, look at all that chub!!

Here’s another view from the side.

And just as a point of reference, here’s a random x-ray of a normal baby hand.

Interesting to look at for sure!

3 thoughts on “X-rays!

  1. so interesting! i will be praying for you on Monday as you see the doctors. i hope Jarvis is feeling better and that the trip goes smoothly! love you, Mom

  2. Hi. I was born with triphalangeal thumbs, but mine are a bit different. My left thumb is slightly longer than average length and it curves inward -I can’t bend it at all because there because the extra bone is covering the joint. My right thumb is straight and finger like (not too long) and I am able to bend it very slightly. I will tell you that I had no trouble learning to write and was able to find my own way of doing things. I think it took me slightly longer to learn to tie my shoes and some things can be a bit frustrating at times but for the most part I usually forget that I’m different.
    So, I stumbled across this post when I was doing some research for myself. I’m 29 years old and pregnant with my first child… I never even mentioned my thumbs to my current doctor bc like I said, it’s something I forget. I was also told by a doctor years ago that the chance of passing this on was 1 in a million so I wasn’t really thinking about it. I decided to do some research and found some scary information that triphalangeal thumbs is linked to all kinds of health issues so now I’m worried about my child. Could you please tell me if you found any additional information through your genetic counselor?

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