Crawling, crawling, crawling!!

In the last week, Jarvis has hit a major milestone!! We are now actively crawling on all fours!! It took quite a bit of wriggling and frustration, but every day he gets better and better at it! And every day Mommy’s multitasking abilities deteriorate a little more!!

His favorite things to crawl for are puppy toys and any type of technology. The toy spread has started, and we are getting a larger carpet for the play area since our floor is just laminate over concrete, no padding! He’s also discovered he can crawl to where the kitten is laying, much to her displeasure!
I have posted several videos on you tube:, but here’s one for you!
We are coming up on another month here, so I will save the rest of his update for next week, but I just had to share about our little crawler!
Much love,
J, C, J &D

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