Webcam anyone??

So, as Jarvis has been able to stay up for longer and longer, I have been wanting to encourage you, our family, to schedule webcam dates with us!

Jarvis loves looking at the webcam, and anytime he sees my computer, he stares at it, waiting for the webcam to come up!
Just thought I would give you the basics of our schedule so you could know the best times. I encourage you to call, as I rarely have the webcam open on my computer, but am often available!! Give me a call, and I’ll open it up and let you see our little man play away!
630-755: Morning waketime (this is still really early for Mommy, so I don’t recommend this time :D)
755-1030: nap
10:30-12:05: Mid-day waketime (VERY good time!)
12:05-2:00: nap
2:00-3:45: Afternoon waketime (part of which is bath time every other day)
3:45-4:15/4:30: nap
4:15/4:30- 7:00: Evening waktime (bottle at 5:00 and 6:30)
7:00: bedtime
He spends the first 30-45 minutes of each waketime eating his bottle/solids (Except his evening waketime, bottle at 5:00, then ready for bed/bottle at 6:30), but other than that, we are pretty open!!
Thursdays/Fridays tend to be our busiest days. You can catch J home after 6 on occasion (no guarantees though!) or on weekends.
Call me if you want to see him!! We would love to webcam with you, he’s getting pretty interesting these days 😀
Much love, Happy 4th this weekend!!

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