So quickly…

Another post already?? I know, I’m surprised too, but this little boy is just growing up so quickly!

During the last week, he has learned to consistently roll over to his tummy and now does it under his play gym, on a blanket, in the crib- absolutely everywhere! He can do ‘baby push-ups’ by moving his arms around when he is on his belly and pushing his chest up off the floor. This is a hug improvement, as of just a few days ago, he had trouble pushing up enough to even move his arm out from underneath him right after he rolled!
We’ve been wondering when Jarvis would discover his feet- developmentally that can happen anywhere from 3 months on. He has just started reaching for his feet this week! He grabs his knees and pulls them up towards his chest, but hasn’t quite reached his feet. But he loves looking at them, and will hold them if you pull them towards his hands.
He has also discovered shrieking this week- ohhh, joy! Haha! He is using his voice more and more and learning to blow bubbles and make more sounds. Before we know it he’ll be talking!
He is doing well on cereal, we’ve started giving half the bottle, then cereal, then the rest of the bottle, and his appetite for cereal has increased! He now opens his mouth when I move the spoon towards it and swallows most of it. He only eats it at his 7am feeding right now, but Saturday we will move to twice a day, and then next week, start on some real solids! So far, I’ve made sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, apples, pears, butternut squash, bananas and avocados…. yum, yum!
Have a wonderful weekend!
C, J, & J

One thought on “So quickly…

  1. I love this post. It is so descriptive that I feel I can “see” him doing these things, which is amazing since I'm thousands of miles away 🙂 Love you guys! Kisses to Jarvis.

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