Nursery Crafts

I wanted to share some of the projects I have been occupying myself with while here in Albuquerque. Since I am planning on staying home with this baby, I am trying to save money in as many ways as possible, plus, I love fabric and paper crafting!

This is a cover for the Boppy Nursing Pillow, retail $25-$30, my cost: $8

The other side

I challenged myself and made them with zippers like the commercial ones instead of velcro like most homemade ones!

Cover 2

Other side cover 2

Cover 3

Other side cover 3

Cover 4

Other side of cover 4

I used Gerber cloth diapers to make some customized burp cloths!

These match the nursery fabrics

18 total burp cloths!

Added a letter personalization

Made a coordinating Crib skirt, cost about $10, displayed over the crib mattress for now 😀

A detail in the middle

Mobile for over the crib using CTMH papers, cost about $5

Close up of the papers

Ribbons for the ribbon mobile

Ribbon Mobile for over the changing pad, cost about $20

From baby’s point of view!

I’ve been having fun!!

We hope to be moving sometime in the next 3-4 weeks, we’ll keep you updated!


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