10 on 10 | April

I took these on the 10th, even though they are getting posted late. Totally counts.

Just a normal Thursday. Early mornings with the remnants of a long night on the counters… baby bottles. Bitty playing while the bigs eat breakfast. Off to preschool drop-off with a car-full of crazies. Back home, without the biggest. Their favorite special twinkie giggles and wrestles. Dishes never stop, and with a special addition of the leftover art supplies from our MOPS playdate the day before. Then pre-school pick up with a stop to gather eggs. Of course with loud guesses from the car on how many eggs there might today. Five was the consensus, they were wrong ;). And a place of honor for new preschool art. Just a day. Just a perfectly imperfect day.

10 on 10-3

10 on 10-4

10 on 10-36

10 on 10-6

10 on 10-15

10 on 10-16

10 on 10-19

10 on 10-22

10 on 10-23

10 on 10-42


10 on 10-29

10 on 10-28


10 on 10-39


Jean | 10 months

Ah, poor fourth child, she just doesn’t get updates as frequently as the bigger ones did when they were little! But, these posts are my favorite things to add to my yearly scrapbook, so it’s time for a catch-up on Jeanie.jean-10mos-2

Jean turned 10 months old just over a week ago. She is such a crazy little baby. Jean is very, very social and is happiest when she is actively engaged with other people. In fact, if she gets up from a nap before the other three, she fusses until they are up to play with her! Her need for attention results in some “needy-baby-ness” but she’s so cute about it, it’s hard to be frustrated!jean-10mos-10

Jean has quite a few nicknames: Jeanie, Jeanie Bean, Bean Sprout, Beanie Baby, Baby Jean. The one nickname she has earned of her own right is Sister Bear. We’ve jokingly called Jonah Trouble Bear for a while now, as he has an uncanny knack to spot things that might get him into trouble, he’s very observant and determined. It appears that Jean is just as talented in that area!! If there is a speck of paper or something small on the floor, she WILL find it and eat it, and throw a fit when you take it away. Sister Bear is also very observant and curious!

She’s quite adored around here. She and Joelle have bonded lately; Joelle really likes to make her laugh, by shaking toys in front of her face and such. However, Joelle also really likes to hit people with things, and poor Jean currently has a black eye from her. I will say though, that Joelle does that to everyone, Jean just isn’t as quick at defending herself. It’s a phase we are working to get Joelle out of! jean-10mos-12

Jean has been steadily gaining weight, she’s 18lbs 9ozs currently. Which is still rather tiny, however she’s in the 20th percentile for both height vs. weight! And it’s clear she’s got plenty of chub, so the pediatrician is happy with her current weight gain! A good part of her weight gain is from solid foods. She is eating 4-10 ozs of solid foods three times a day, along with finger foods of whatever the rest of us are eating. Really, she prefers to eat whatever is on our plates using her own hands, but she’s too hungry to just do that! She eats about 6ozs of formula three or four times a day. She is however, still waking up a few times a night to eat full bottles. She had been doing less of that, but I think she’s in a growth spurt right based on the sheer volume she is eating!

The Bean still has no teeth however, which means she’s in the running to be the latest to teeth (right up there with her sister!). Girl will be thrilled when she gets teeth and realizes she can eat table food better! She is very good at gumming food though, ha!jean-10mos-4

Some of Jean’s favorite things are: using someone as a jungle gym to stand and bounce, bouncing in the exersaucer, eating, being tickled and swung around, her giraffe pacifiers, hanging in the stroller watching her big siblings play outside, smiling, making new friends, and standing. She is waving hi, trying to clap, and saying ba-ba-ba (we think for dada), and will occasionally say ma-ma-ma (although that doesn’t seem to be in recognition yet).

Oh my, how this girl LOVES to stand!! She spends most of the day holding onto my legs so she can stand and walk around. Jean can cruise along any surface, transfer while standing from surface to surface- including partial turns. She’s been pulling to standing on objects for several months, and just today she started standing on her own, without using something to pull to standing. She’s also started attempting to take single steps. She wants to walk very badly! She doesn’t actually like to be held, even when she fusses to be picked up. She prefers for you to sit on the ground where she can stand in your arms and crawl about your legs, but she really wants you to be right there!


Really, I just have to say, this baby is one big bundle of crazy joy. She’s fussy and somewhat needy, but it’s all because she just adores people. She loves being an active part of the family. Being in the middle of everything, all the excitement and activity.

chicken harvest | homesteading

Wow… there are some crickets going on over here in blog-land. I haven’t been posting much, but that’s mostly because we have been crazy busy. Despite the usual “four kids under four” craziness, we’ve also been homesteading busy.

The big lately? Chicken harvesting (the “nicer” way to say butchering).

Warning: There are photos of butchered chickens, close the browser now if you don’t want to see them! No worries though, they aren’t graphic.

We were blessed enough to have two friends and Jace’s brother help us out, which made things move a lot faster. Overall we butchered 10 roosters, utilizing Jace’s home made rocket stove (A rocket stove is an efficient cooking stove using small diameter wood fuel which is burned in a simple high-temperature combustion chamber containing a vertical chimney and a secondary air supply which ensures almost complete combustion prior to the flames reaching the cooking surface.)

chicken harvest-1

chicken harvest-2

chicken harvest-3

chicken harvest-5

chicken harvest-6

chicken harvest-7

chicken harvest-9

chicken harvest-11

chicken harvest-12

chicken harvest-14

chicken harvest-15-2

chicken harvest-18

chicken harvest-19

chicken harvest-20

chicken harvest-21

chicken harvest-22


Aaaand right about this time, the twinkie tornado woke up from nap and I no longer took pictures! Instead I spent the rest of the afternoon handling water fights, drawing in chalk and clearing sand out of kiddos eyes :)

Overall the experience went as we expected! We put 8 birds in the fridge and roasted two up this week, they were delicious! We will definately be growing our own meat birds again, in fact, our next batch should be here in a few weeks! 30 birds!


*On a related note, we kept 3 roosters and seven hens, and three of the hens are laying now. Hoping the others start soon! Yay fresh eggs!

DST | daddy time

I have to admit, as a mother of young children, I do not adore daylight saving time. My kiddos thrive on routines, and the changing daylight never ceases to get them all wonky for a while. However, as a mother who finally has some “bigger kids,” I just became a huge fan of daylight saving time. We went from it being dark when I was fixing dinner, to still light as we tuck them into bed. What does this mean? Well it means we get to hang out with daddy more, especially outside- since the twins *mostly* no longer try to eat dirt and leaves. (That Jonah, he likes to eat the strangest things.)

After a couple of fun evenings outside, I had to grab my camera to capture it. Enjoy!

playing outside-1

playing outside-3

playing outside-4

Daddy decided to rake. The kids found that immensely amusing.

playing outside-8

“Messy, mama!”

playing outside-10

playing outside-12

playing outside-13

playing outside-14

Big brother trying to help sister ride the bike. It didn’t end well.

playing outside-16

Jarvis says, “let’s race!”
playing outside-17

playing outside-18

This sums up Jarvis’ personality in a picture.

playing outside-20

playing outside-21

playing outside-22

She’s dying to get out and crawl around!

playing outside-25

Jean’s new trick- she waves and says, “iiiiii!”

playing outside-26

Lately, we’ve been working on patience with the twins. Here is Jonah, waiting for his turns, with his arms by his side and a happy heart! Too cute! (and yes, ignore what mama’s wearing!)

playing outside-28

playing outside-30

playing outside-32

playing outside-33